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How to Make a Strong Customer Base with Mobile Apps?

2 Jul

“Grow your business by increasing your customer base”, it may sound simplistic, but actually it requires fundamental ways to successfully grow any business and make it more valuable in the market.

It’s a well known fact that 80% of sales often come from approximately 20% of your customers. Devoted customers are like the driving force behind every successful business and companies who works to bring back customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

With Mobile, most of the small-business owners often believe that mobile-business apps are only worthwhile for large organizations or certain industries. They believe such apps are too expensive or too industry specific for their needs, therefore they assume that making a strong customer network is a complex process and a general website will be sufficient for us. But in reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost every business, either it is small or big, can profit from a mobile app. In fact, in today’s marketplace, some businesses might not be able to survive without mobile apps.

mobile apps vs web

Here are five ways to make your customer base strong for a mobile business site might be the best thing you can do for your company.

1. Boost Up With Mobile Coupons, Offers and Rewardsoffer

Everyone likes some extra.

Creating exclusive offers, coupons, and rewards through the mobile app increases engagement and drives repeat usage. Holding the new deals is important to continually engage customers. Receiving a deal always feels good and customers will launch apps repeatedly to see what new deals are available.

2. Utilize Geo-location & Store Mapping Technology

Location based features and map of the store layout are a powerful tool for effective marketing campaigns, adding value to your app and driving revenue from your app. Adding geo-location features into your mobile app allows you to send special offers or reminders to customers who are in store or close to one. On the other hand, simply mapping out your store by product is extremely helpful, you can add information about products or even suggest a certain product to a customer based on their previous history and guide them to the product in store.

3. Optimize Your Marketingdeeplink marketing

A simple but mostly forgotten method to increase your mobile app customer base is to constantly remind them that you have a mobile app! Using deeplinks in your email marketing campaigns, social media, mobile ad campaigns and especially on your website, you have an opportunity to remind your customers directly to the right page in the app they already have installed on your phone.

4. Refine the User Experience

No matter how well you guide, remind, or encourage customers to use or revisit your mobile app, if it is unusable it won’t get success.

For purchasing apps, there are three main goals that need to be easily accomplished – navigation, search, and check-out.

Customers often drill deep into categories to find the item they are looking for. It should to be easy to navigate to any part of the app; frequently tapping the back button is not a solution.
Search is a quite simple feature, but make sure you have it and it works.

To avoid friction around check out, make sure it is easy to log into has as much of their information automatically entered because due to the screen size and capabilities of mobile, filling out a form for purchasing is even more painful.

These functions are extremely important to a mobile app, but the most important thing to remember is performance. If your app crashes, slow, or has bugs that consistently interrupt the customer experience you’ll find that your app is turning into a negative experience for your customers.

5. Prioritize the Customer

Put the customer first and create an app they love to use. Every problem and question you receive is an opportunity to make a customer happy.

Using feedback forms and mobile surveys you can easily understand what your customers want. By pushing out improvements to what is most important to your customer you’ll be creating a happy customer base.

Here are some figures that make it clear how important repeat customers are.

• Adopting new customers can cost five times more than retaining existing customers.
• Reducing customer churn by 5% can increase profits 25% to 125%.
• The probability of selling products to an existing customer is 60% to 70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5% to 20%.

A strong customer base isn’t earned in a day, it is earned day-by-day. You need to provide value and support to your mobile customers always to increase their loyalty. Be intelligent about their requirement, their experience, and how you can make them happy. Earning customer satisfaction isn’t about logic, it’s about emotion. Companies that use apps to support their customers and work to provide relevant experiences will win over customers and increase the loyalty of their mobile customer base.

Posted By: Pooja Runija


How Data and Research Helps to Make Mobile App Successful?

18 Apr


The value that you provide to any development as a designer/developer or user experience professional isn’t just your capacity to execute a series of tasks. Good customers will recognize and appreciate the guidance, opinions and recommendations that come with your experience. It’s up to you to be approaching and to place yourself as a valuable thinker from the begin as well as to build your suggestions with respect to subjective ideas. It is essential, especially in the rapidly growing world of mobile, where customers regularly require update as they do execution.

Below are some aspects to put some value to your products:

Reasonableness vs. Identity

A research states that, customers essentially search to utilize the best product and services. By following this thinking to how users interact with mobile web or apps puts more importance on “What do you have to do/find?” Mobile users aren’t divided by age, education, gender, income etc. This reason is somehow effective to provide some value to customers.   

Audience Research and Analysis into Your Process

Mobile research is a value added part of your services that you offer to your customers from the beginning. A more practical, goal-oriented research component helps in building a better product. It enables you to make better decisions and to judge about what your audience expects from a mobile experience.

This is the best way to determine what users expect to find in the mobile devices, how a very specific, targeted set of customers use their smartphones and what’s the probability is that they’d be interested in using the application you intend to build.

Analytics Review

By reviewing analytics data from an existing Web presence can be an effective way to determine what mobile users are doing with the content and features available. Always remember, when using Google Analytics, that mobile phones and tablets are group together in the default “Mobile” group.

Identifying Themes

To know the requirement of mobile users has little value until the research is put to use. In between research and development there are the series of “themes”. Themes are a familiar concept that simplifies the process of grouping findings together, while including a number of tactics to be implemented in the project.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile Application Development is the way to interact with the market as well as with user, not only to produce great work but also to know about the specific research projects that help in adding some value to your existing product.

Analysis and Research is a fantastic, accessible way to increase your perceived business value, and it is helping to shape the future of the app that we build to keep step up with users.

Posted By: Pooja Runija



How to increase your business revenues from mobile apps?

21 Feb

mobile app revenue

If you are a business firm or developer and you don’t already offer mobile applications to your clients, doing so can increase your revenues rapidly.

Adding an entirely new service to your business is not only moving ahead, it’s good for profits. Here’s how things usually go for your average revenues…

You just landed a new client who wants a website, sweet!

Normally you’d build it, release it, and you’re done. But what if they need a mobile app?

Will you say Sorry…..?


You now have the power to make app for them, and increase your revenues!

We all know, Mobile apps are spreading like wildfire and with new utility apps coming out every day, MobilePundits found how they provide real world benefits for businesses.

You can add an app into the initial project scope, or change them after the site is done. You can even track back to old clients and sell them an app.

The best part is that you don’t have to hire an Objective C or Java developer, increasing your expense. You can now keep app development in-house, and add another income source to your business.

Smartphones open a whole new world of opportunities for marketers at businesses from large and small. The following are the things to keep in mind so that businesses are getting an extra boost via mobile apps:

Designing the app. It is possible to make customizations to the app theme and add custom features.

Maintenance and updates of the app. Mostly there is no need to resubmit the app, but if your client needs a major change or to add some feature, you might have to.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications. You could send out region-specific notifications about special offers based on users’ interests. For example a store could announce a sale on umbrellas with a weather alert to users where rain is forecasted.

Geo-Targeted Advertising. You can use smart ads to target users by specific location to display ads and coupons that are based in their geographic location.

Additional Sales Opportunities. Since people are constantly on their smartphones during their free time, these free moments have opportunities to connect with users. You can reach to consumers while they are having their morning tea, taking lunch or sitting in a waiting room. App will be able to reminding users to look the app by sending a notification or saving login and billing information in the app.

Dynamic Offers. You can use geo-tracking to deliver at-a-time offers to help boost revenue. For example, movie tickets of upcoming movie that has not been sold out to increase their profits for a particular show time.

Data Gathering. You can track what users are doing within their app. They can see what things users search and what things make users leave. This is extremely valuable for designing the app to make users stay and maximize their time spent on the app.

Compete Anywhere. You can compete anywhere, anytime in the market. Mobile provides the benefit of immediate price comparisons. Users can find the products with the best offer and instantly purchase them on their phones.

Pushing Through the Stack. To avoid “bouncing” off an app (visiting without making a purchase) generate automatic address and credit card fill-in. Mostly users are not interested in filling their credit card information. To fight this, make your app can store credit card information or use GPS to find a user’s location.

Mobile apps are helping businesses to increase revenue largely by increasing efficiency. Instead of only targeting to crowd, users can be narrowly targeted. Businesses can productive inventory in the last moments before it would have gone to waste. And all these little but effective efficiencies are resulting in more revenue for businesses by enhancing the overall experience for users.

Posted By: Pooja Runija