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How Data and Research Helps to Make Mobile App Successful?

18 Apr


The value that you provide to any development as a designer/developer or user experience professional isn’t just your capacity to execute a series of tasks. Good customers will recognize and appreciate the guidance, opinions and recommendations that come with your experience. It’s up to you to be approaching and to place yourself as a valuable thinker from the begin as well as to build your suggestions with respect to subjective ideas. It is essential, especially in the rapidly growing world of mobile, where customers regularly require update as they do execution.

Below are some aspects to put some value to your products:

Reasonableness vs. Identity

A research states that, customers essentially search to utilize the best product and services. By following this thinking to how users interact with mobile web or apps puts more importance on “What do you have to do/find?” Mobile users aren’t divided by age, education, gender, income etc. This reason is somehow effective to provide some value to customers.   

Audience Research and Analysis into Your Process

Mobile research is a value added part of your services that you offer to your customers from the beginning. A more practical, goal-oriented research component helps in building a better product. It enables you to make better decisions and to judge about what your audience expects from a mobile experience.

This is the best way to determine what users expect to find in the mobile devices, how a very specific, targeted set of customers use their smartphones and what’s the probability is that they’d be interested in using the application you intend to build.

Analytics Review

By reviewing analytics data from an existing Web presence can be an effective way to determine what mobile users are doing with the content and features available. Always remember, when using Google Analytics, that mobile phones and tablets are group together in the default “Mobile” group.

Identifying Themes

To know the requirement of mobile users has little value until the research is put to use. In between research and development there are the series of “themes”. Themes are a familiar concept that simplifies the process of grouping findings together, while including a number of tactics to be implemented in the project.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile Application Development is the way to interact with the market as well as with user, not only to produce great work but also to know about the specific research projects that help in adding some value to your existing product.

Analysis and Research is a fantastic, accessible way to increase your perceived business value, and it is helping to shape the future of the app that we build to keep step up with users.

Posted By: Pooja Runija




Key Factors You Should Know Before Hiring a Developer

28 Mar


When you are thinking to hire a developer, it’s tempting to believe on the developer who fulfill your development requirement and work accordingly. Hiring the wrong employee is expensive, time consuming and costly to your work environment.  Beware, for this action. Why does you or any organization need another developer? Is this the right candidate who understands your vision?

On the other hand, hiring the right employee is a challenging process. It pays you back in employee productivity, a successful employment relationship, positive forward thinking planning and a positive impact on your total work environment. This is not a complete guide to hiring, but these steps are key when you hire application developer.

Now examine the portion of the factors need to be in any mobile application designer and developer.

Finesse on the most recent form of SDK

Every mobile application developer needs to have proficiency on the most recent form of the SDK for targeted OS, which is the foundation of all mobile applications. It’s essential for developers to have the ability to optimize the utilization of the mobile operating system with a specific end goal to ensure that they have the capacity to help of their customers.

Customer Concept

Customer view confirms the heading of various mobile app developments. A developer needs to have the ability to ensure that the procedure of application development meets the desires of the customer’s thought constantly.

Decision and Functionality Considerations

Depending upon the designer and developer, the apps have various styling and planning plus captivating illustrations. That helps in building of fruitful applications.


Having a excellent coding is a standout amongst the most vital requirements in developer that choose the success of the application.

Market Demand

This is all over the story of what you give your target market what they require through your mobile application, for example if they are set to appreciate utilizing the iPad and on the other hand assuming that you offer them something that they are not excessively ken about, your iPad application is certain to fizzle. In this way, all the characteristics and the purpose of any mobile application that you focus throughout the development are totally subject to the necessities of the client.

These are only a percentage of the numerous factors that have an enormous part to play in improving and determining mobile applications. It’s significant that you have the capability to work with an development organization that likes the worth of these factors and the part they play in mobile application development. Truth be told, the reality if your mobile application is set to be solid or not is in huge part depend upon your decision of organization.

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Is It Worth To Acquire iPhone App Outsourcing For Economical Solutions?

18 Mar


iPhone is an incredible wonder in the smartphone industry. Nevertheless, what makes this phone most demanding in every country? How business persons consider iPhone as best suited for advance and economical solutions? With considering all things, all through the years of experience and excellent quality products, Apple is conceiving as secure mark.  Their universal acknowledgement shows in excess of 8.5 million individuals in the UK own an iPhone, and the number will be expanding as the iPhone 5 is out now.

Why Outsourcing?

iPhone development has capturing the market persistently and there is no chance of decrease in graph sometime later in future. From the U.S. only more than 3 billion downloads in the App Store at regular intervals, makes every entrepreneur to thinks for iPhone application development without any learning of how to prepare the pitch for development of apps. But developing an app and make it popular is not a joke! Now this problem can be tackle by entering into iPhone and iPad App Development Outsourcing, one in all the quickest growing business.

iPhone app development becomes considerably straight forward basically because of two reasons, first after the launch of SDK (software development kit) by Apple in 2008 inspired variety of skilled developers to figure on making mobile applications. Secondly, due to increasing demand of iPhone among the users has enlarged the demand of iPhone apps to draw in new and existing customers. This demand gives birth to iPhone application development services.

As iPhone permits developers across the world to submit their apps to iStore and market it over there, this may provide functional economical solutions for business growth. Presently there are many iPhone apps within the market that facilitate users to search data on any subject with ease, permit them to play a range of games, connect them to a GPS, give amusement, facilitate reserve tickets, facilitate the running of their business, provide advance solutions and do more things.

Major Challenges

Majority of iPhone users are located geographically in the countries where earnings are high due to higher life standards. Some local laws make it difficult to hire iPhone developer permanently. Moreover, manpower shortage is the most worsening factor to establish a development center. Getting skilled iPhone developers is yet again tough because iPhone development happens on Mac system and learning iPhone SDK is a little demanding and time consuming. In such a scenario outsourcing your work to third world countries like India, Australia is the most economical and feasible decision.

How Outsourcing Becomes Effective?

Outsourcing iPhone Application development to countries like Asian country makes lots of sense because it offers many benefits. Most significantly, it’s terribly price effective: you’ll be able to get custom application without investing much on giving technical coaching to your work force. Also, you would like not worry regarding the rules and approval of Apple because the outsourcing company you’ve got employed can screw.

The time distinction, just in case you’re placed in America, company works to your favor: your work gets done whereas you’re sleeping and you get positive updates and progress reports as you return to figure within the morning.

Outsourcing your iPhone Application development work are often an excellent concept that saves some time similarly as cash, but you have to search a reputed outsourcing firm which will fulfill your needs and meet your standards. Sorting out firm on cloud, gazing their previous work and human action with its members can help you to select the correct outsourcing partner and sign a profitable contract. Besides this you are keen to additionally get a promise from the service provider about the rate of return and economical solutions.

Posted By: Pooja Runija