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Sanskrit an Unambiguous Natural Language on the Planet- NASA

30 Aug

astronautIn aged India the intention to uncover truth was consuming to the point, that all the while, they found maybe, the absolute best instrument for satisfying such a hunt, to the point that the planet has ever known – the Sanskrit language.

In the previous twenty years, much time, exertion, and cash has been consumed on outlining an unambiguous representation of natural languages to make them approachable to computer processing. Justifiably, there is a pervasive conviction that natural languages are unacceptable for the transmission of numerous thoughts that artificial languages can render with incredible accuracy and scientific thoroughness. Anyhow this dichotomy, which has served as a preface underlying much work in the regions of semantics and computerized reasoning, is a false one.


There is no less than one dialect, Sanskrit, which for the length of time of very nearly 1000 years was a living spoken language with a significant literary works of its own. Around the attainments of the grammarians could be figured a strategy for summarizing Sanskrit in a way that is indistinguishable fundamentally as well as in shape with current work in Artificial Intelligence.

As an Interlingua (artificial language), Sanskrit satisfies the essential prerequisites of being formal, language independent, and a compelling medium for speaking to importance. The phenomenal thing about Sanskrit is that it offers administer approach-ability to anybody to that hoisted plane where the two — math and music, cerebrum and heart, scientific and natural, exploratory and spiritual- come to be one.

sanskrit in nasa

The right to gain entrance to modern technology which has been intended to give straightforwardness, effectiveness and satisfaction in helping did not exist at the start of the century. It was made conceivable by accelerated development in the field of science, a “language” which has helped us to uncover the interrelationship of vigor and matter with a high level of exactness. The coming about innovation is proof of the tremendous power that is unleashed basically by having the ability to make the finer and finer refinement that a language like mathematics affords.

sanskrit in nasa

In March 2012 Indian media expressed this association between NASA and Sanskrit, “Before long the conventional Indian language Sanskrit will be a part of the space, with the United States of America (USA) pondering to utilize it as coding at NASA. After the refusal of the Indian Sanskrit researchers to help them secure charge over the language, US have urged its young era to study Sanskrit.

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