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Get Bluetooth Connectivity With iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane

24 Jan


Flying paper planes is not a fun. The most recent product by Powerup Toys’ gives you a chance to include one more product of intelligence i.e. paper plane by connecting an electric storage device fueled propeller and rudder, which might be utilize an iPhone application by means of Bluetooth. It is controlled by powerup 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit.

The Paper Airplane Kit is the company’s third generation of this device; most of the previous models fail to offer with application. The way it works is really basic: First, fold a paper plane utilizing the model gave. Next, connect the Powerup module to the plane, and link it with your phone.

 Paper Airplane With Propeller Power


 The electric cell inside the Powerup 3.0 airplane will give about 10 minutes of flying time, and recharge through microUSB in about 15 minutes. The application itself is really smart. Possible that pilots guide the plane by tilting the iPhone left or right, and app also shows you at what level the plane is with respect to the horizon/skyline. A throttle in the center gives you a chance to change the speed of the propeller, and three checks indicate the power output, battery life remaining, and signal quality between the plane and your phone.

On the other hand, the plane was exceptionally alert; it flew past us in the blink of an eye. Powerup says you’ll have the ability to control the plane to a range of about 60 yards. When it’s released in May, we’re positively anticipating taking it for a flight or two.

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10 Unusual Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind In 2014

10 Jan

One of the major highlights of the year 2014 is unconventional gadgets that attract every one interest and it was presented in Consumer Electronics Show. After 4K TVs and wearable devices made headlines, the connected ‘toothbrush’ and the ‘refrigerator’ were not far behind.

Here is a look at 10 quirky gadgets that is beyond your imagination in 2014.

1) Pot to charge your gadgets

Pot to charge your gadgets

Pot, which we use in our daily life for cooking etc. Here is the PowerPot, which has the ability to hold 2.3 liters of water and can generate 10 watts of power by converting the heat energy generated into DC power.

You can boil water and charge two iPhones or an iPad at the same time through its USB port.

2) Toothbrush to connect to internet

Toothbrush to connect to internet

Toothbrush, the morning needy tool. But to connect to internet and if you have worry about your teeth,  here is the Kolibree Toothbrush features a sensor that detects how much tartar is being removed while brushing.

It also records brushing activity and sends all information wirelessly to a smartphone app that tells users if they have missed hard-to-clean areas.

3) Refrigerator that talks to your phone

Refrigerator that talks to your phone

Just tell your refrigerator you’re on holiday and it will turn on power-saving mode and reply to you.

LG presented smart appliances that talk to mobile phones through its HomeChat service developed with Line. The appliances support Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to interpret simple text messages.

4) Bed to check your snoring

Bed to check your snoring

The Superbed that suits its name at least the work what all it does. The bed monitors the entire body’s movements, heart rate and breathing. It also helps people who snore and need to get free from it by moving itself up or down in order to remove blockages. Working with a custom app to offer advice that can help people sleep better.

5) Baby sleep monitor

Baby sleep monitor

Getting sleepless nights worrying about your baby’s sleep? Smart one newborn sleep monitor comes to the rescue.

You can put it into a child’s chest pocket and get information and alerts on the baby’s breathing, body temperature and orientation on their mobile phone.

6) Ear that monitors heart

Ear that monitors heart

Intel’s new smart earbuds come with sensors that can monitor the wearer’s heart rate.

The pair takes power from the headset jack of a smart device and work in cycle with an app that intimate users so that they can set a target heart rate for workouts and even select music matching the heart rate.

7) Take the perfect selfie

Take the perfect selfie

Selfie is termed as self portrait photograph that typically taken by own. One can take selfies without any problem with Hisy, a super compact remote control that can be paired to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth 4.0. The device works with the default iOS camera app and has a range of 90 feet.

Just get into the frame and fire the button on Hisy to activate the shutter.

8) ‘Parrot’ for plants

‘Parrot’ for plants

Parrot presented Flower Power, a device that enable users to monitor the health of their plants via their iPhone or iPad, through an app.
In every 15 minute intervals the app offers updates from the device related to the sunlight conditions, temperature, fertilizer and moisture level of the soil.

9) Headband to relax you

Headband to relax you

A new Muse Headband by InteraXon’s can be worn around one’s forehead to track brainwaves and signals that can be sent to an app installed on a device connected to them.

The app sends audio and video messages to calm down the brain and relax you.

10) Smart spoken guide for ride


CycleNav, a new bike navigation system made by Bikemaker Schwinn’s  which attaches to your bicycle’s handlebars, it allows you plot a route for your cycling trip into the company’s smartphone app. CycleNav device connect to your phone via Bluetooth and communicates turn-by-turn directions using large lighted arrows as well as voice prompts.

After your journey comes to an end, the app records fitness stat for you to track distance you pedaled, calories you burned and duration. As well as, it doubles as a headlight for your bicycle as well. It launches in March for $60.

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Why Windows Phone Is The Safest Platform Among All?

20 Dec

windows phone

According to software security company F-Secure security Chief Mikko Hypponen, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is the safest mobile operating system available to businesses, he further told Windows Phone 8 is presently the safest mobile operating system here.

Although Apple’s iOS is also commonly known as being safe, exactly as safe as BlackBerry for business use, while Android remains a haven for cyber criminals. It seems that F-Secure is giving the “safest” award to Windows Phone 8 at the moment.

At the moment Windows Phone is the safest, there are­­­ thousands of malware for Blackberry and more malware for the iPhone and without a doubt progressively on Android. Interestingly, Hypponen anticipated that “Windows Phone is safest mobile operating system; due to its restrictive development policy should protect it from criminals for the foreseeable future. We’ve seen no malware at all targeting the platform. You want a safe & secure phone? Purchase a Windows Phone.”

Meanwhile, Android receives a bashing for being the most unsafe; firstly, because of amount of malicious Android installation files, it’s almost just double after every quarter. Secondly, because of 3rd party app stores with much has less security features as the official one, Google Play. Although, Google is said to address some of the issues with 3rd party apps/stores in the new version of Android 4.2 taste as jelly bean.

“Windows Phone’s security model inside is somehow prohibitive, I think it’s aimed to take a while before we see Windows Phone being seriously targeted.

In case of Windows Phone 8, it is quite safe at the moment, probably because of not much people are using Windows Phone 8 device. If/when Windows Phone 8 takes off; it might be become a much bigger target for malware. But still my hunch says it will stay the safest.

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Microsoft Filling The Windows Phone Store By Recollecting Popular Websites As Apps

6 Dec
Microsoft's is now creating app versions of mobile web sites to lure top services over to Windows Phone

Microsoft’s is now creating app versions of mobile web sites to lure top services over to Windows Phone

Microsoft has been influence to wheedle well known applications such as Pandora and Tumblr over to Windows Phone as of late months, and in the nearing days, Instagram and Flipboard will be the most recent mega-prominent smartphone applications added to that record. In spite of various huge name “gets,” Microsoft is even now trailing Android and iOS regarding the matter of applications.

To skirt around its failings, Microsoft is turning to making “web applications” for various well known brands and websites. Another segment on the Windows Phone Store called Microsoft WebApps, initially spotted by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, offers various downloadable, pinnable web applications. The trust is that WebApps for Windows Phone will sway companies to improve native applications for Windows Phone.

Microsoft is as of now offering more than 40 Web applications admitting Blockbuster, CarMax, Food Network, Jimmy John’s, Glassdoor, Listverse, Orbitz and TMZ. From the past record, Microsoft’s WebApps are for standard retail outlets and some famous websites.

mobile app vs native app

Microsoft told to ZDnet,”These are not a supplanting for native applications”. “As a principle we trust that use of the Web App will urge the [website owner] to distribute its own native application.”

While web applications aren’t a supplanting for applications composed in native code, they are a great stopgap to fill the gap in the Windows Phone application list. If service doesn’t maintain generally mobile website that offers a comparable experience to a native application.

By and by, a consolidated effort to charm developers over to Windows Phone with immediate claims and Web application development could help Microsoft in its mission for application equality with Android and iOS.

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Google+ With Its Updated New Photo and Video Sharing Features

1 Nov

Google-plusGoogle has wrapped up its Morning with Google+ occasion. Around a few different features, Google’s social network is getting a slew of new photograph and video improvement features that expect on making the sharing experience better, as well as put Google in a position where the Mountain View organization can directly compete with devoted filter and photograph upgrade applications that are accessible for Android and iOS. Wouldn’t it be great if we could investigate what they declared for Google+ today?

Auto Awesome Movies takes movie scraps from transferred content, mix it with your shared photographs, and adds ambient sounds to it, making the entire experience more infectious. To make matters considerably additionally fascinating, photographs and video clippings are rendered with filters connected immediately, giving the entire feature an exceptionally cool look and feel.

Next up, we improved control over automatic photograph upgrades, where you can control the level of improvement that the software applies to your offering. Basically, the upgrades might be dialed up or down, with the intention that you don’t end up with something that looks totally the inverse of what you needed it to be. While Google’s “computer vision” can now distinguish more objects by default. At long last, counting up the score is movement shots for Google+’s Auto Awesome Photos, which reproduce the same subject several times inside a shot, and eraser, which immediately removes moving objects from pictures.

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Eraser

Auto Awesome Eraser

For Google’s putting forth of expert filters, Analog Pro was additionally added to the advertising. Besides, which is a feature which I’ve been directly anticipating for a great while is auto foundation backup, which spares your photographs at full-res out of sight, and this feature is at long last coming to Google+ for iOS.

Overall, Google seems to have put a lot of thought and effort behind making Google+ more than just a social sharing platform. The photograph and video upgrades seem to contend straightforwardly with Facebook Camera application for the iPhone, close by giving potential competition to likes of Instagram with the impacts and filters advertising. Some of Google+’s new offerings, like motion shots, are hardly found anyplace else, so that’s an added reward.

The updates to Google+ application with improved features for Android are relied upon to start rolling today, so keep an eye out.

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Google Wallet Lands On iPhone but Away From NFC to Loyalty and Offers, Is It Compatible?

20 Sep

Google could be adapting the way we use cash now. One of its most recent innovations is Google Wallet – a virtual wallet on your Google-fueled Android phone. Basically add your records to Google Wallet, and you can tap your phone on card book lovers utilizing technology like PayPass.

google wallet

About Google Wallet

Google Wallet, an Android application that will permit clients to utilize their phone as a payment card. This is carried out by essentially tapping your phone on any partaking retailer’s MasterCard PayPass electronic reader, with the goal that it sends payment to the merchant. This electronic wallet will in the end permit you to store the sum of your existing credit or debit cards on your phone. In any case, when Google at first launches their electronic wallet, clients can just utilize their City MasterCard’s or Google’s Prepaid Card.

Landing On iPhone

Awhile ago Google Wallet is accessible for Android phones; the virtual wallet application is currently up for snatches for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners. iOS clients can now add Google Wallet to their mobile devices. The free Google Wallet for iOS serves up the same offers discovered on its Android partner.

On Tuesday, Google revealed another form of the Android application without the NFC necessity, opening the route to basically all Android devices and now the iPhone and iPad. Google Wallet asks for iOS 6.0 or higher and is improved for the more drawn out screen of the iPhone 5 and the two most recent iPhone’s.


Yesterday, Google has released Google Wallet for the iPhone. Shockingly, this is not a version 1.0 application. The App Store data really puts this at Google Wallet version 2.0.10206, which puts it near even with the Android version. Google Wallet for iPhone offers a large portion of the practicality that you might want from the new application incorporating sending and gaining cash, archiving loyalty cards, saving offers, and being notified dependent upon your location when a saved offer could be utilized adjacent.

Utilizing the application, you can send cash to anybody in the US with an e-mail address. You can filter the sum of your loyalty cards and different offers into the application, which you can then reclaim at the checkout counter of qualifying stores. The application likewise can indicate you close-by offers through your gadget’s Location Services emphasize, however you can turn this choice off provided that you’d rather stay covered up.

NFC to Loyalty and Offers

Google Wallet has made a long way. Later after major upgrade to the application, it was when Google moved the sum of the information to the cloud, which uprooted the security stresses that different banks had, so all major credit cards could then be utilized. Yet, the application still needed devices with NFC chips, which led to exceptionally constrained device compatibility.


In sync with the Google Wallet, Google has additionally started Google Offers and loyalty, which permits clients to find offers on other Google products (maps, search, shopper) or straight from the everyday offer website on Google.com/offers. Along these lines, you can include your different loyalty cards for inns, airlines, and different organizations and have them on your phone prepared to output when you’re at the checkout. No compelling reason to convey the actual cards anymore.

Need Some More

Not surprisingly, the one function that doesn’t exist in the iPhone version is the choice to tap to pay utilizing NFC as a part of stores. Given that the iPhone still doesn’t have NFC, and might never receive the hardware, it might have been an enormous astound for Google to incorporate that.

Google_Lock new

Google says that soon the application will likewise advise you when you are close to a store for which you have a loyalty card. Furthermore, on that same area based idea, Google Wallet will now reconcile with Google Offers, and different offers that you get on Google+, Google Maps, or even on some coupon sites like Valpak. Offers can be recovered to your Wallet for utilization when you checkout at the identified store.

This is effortlessly the greatest update to Google Wallet yet, and it pushes the application towards Google’s point of having it is a real replacement for your wallet.

User Wants Android, iOS Apps-Is It Downside For Windows Developers?

13 Sep

Windows applications developers moving into the mobile domain must handle the actuality that the platform users need are possibly Windows.


The question rotated around developer’s confidence in the Windows environment, and if not long from now has harmed Microsoft’s reputation. With the response that “The dominant part say they will at present be focusing on Windows desktop development, and that is a need for business that is not set to go anyplace soon.” But one thing that have been creeping up truly in the course of the most recent not many years is the development of Apple and Android, and seeing the diverse shape components of devices. It’s these different structure components which are pressing on to be disruptive to the industry; with laptop sales slowing, and the ascent of mobile hardware for example tablets, developers feel the requirement to underpin this new device too.

A report discharged entitled “Entering the Brave New World of Mobile Apps” underlines both the interest Windows developers are confronting for mobile software ramming and the actuality that the two platforms generally popular by their users are Google Android and Apple iOS, not Windows platforms, which rank 3rd  and 4th  in the review. The report was written by Dimensional Research and Participants incorporated 1,337 persons included in Windows desktop application development, either as engineers, developers, or improvement managers.

deve android

The review discovered that 85 percent of respondents had asks for mobile applications, which include mobile competencies for existing applications, new apps inside and out, or replacing existing mobile frameworks. Android was the most solicited platform, with 83 percent getting demands for it, accompanied by iOS (67 percent); Windows Phone (33 percent), Windows RT (13 percent), and RIM Blackberry (14 percent).

window with apple

In the mean time, 92 percent of respondents reported having worries about building mobile apps, incorporating a need for new development skills, the high expenses of creating for various platforms, and lacking tooling. Eighty-five percent said native applications are best, and 74 percent discovered HTML 5 and JavaScript-based development testing because of issues like entering device characteristics and deficient language proficiency. Ninety-five percent see worth in as a concern point source code for desktop and mobile apps. As an answer in this vein, supporting numerous mobile platforms incorporating Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

Something which I directly considered amazing in the research was Android is the most solicited platform to have apps for. There’s more money which gets used in Apple’s App Store; yet a great deal of getting onto the Android platform  is much simpler, there is no forthright expense, it’s actually a couple of taps and you’re an Android developer and off you go.