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No limitation for male and female, said Facebook

14 Feb

You don’t have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore!!!

 fb people

Since 2008, Facebook has offered its user who made a profile on the site to select from one of two gender options: male or female. This requirement has long bothered if the user doesn’t choose with either option. Facebook is unable to answer when the people can opt out of showing sex on their profile, this prevents many people to identify on their profiles as male or female could.

Facebook has avoided the issue for years, but now it appears to be effective instantly. ”It is important because of expression of gender, especially when it more than definitions of just ‘male’ or ‘female.'”

In addition to male or female, Facebook users can now select a third option, “custom,” in the gender drop-down. While choosing “custom” from the drop-down menu than you can select from a list of around 50 options, from “agender” and “androgyne” to “trans female,” “two-spirit,”  “trans male,” “trans person” etc. Users can have up to ten descriptors in their profile.

Facebook new gender options

Facebook new gender options

Facebook further asks users what pronoun they prefer: “her,” “him,” or “them.” And it allows you to apply custom privacy settings to your gender information, so that you can share it with, only with your friends, or publically.


Facebook with its 1.23 billion active monthly users around the world allows them to keep their gender identity private or public. Currently, the custom gender identifiers will only be available for users in US English.

“During the past few years, a person’s Facebook profile truly has become their online identity, and now Facebook has taken a forward step to allow countless people to more honestly and accurately proved themselves,” HRC President Chad Griffin said.

This move by Facebook came after years of discussion and lobbying from users, some effect came from Facebook pages to petition for the change. On the other hand Google+ offer male, female and “other” in option, but it is well said that Facebook has many specific options to put the platform well ahead of any other online community. About only 1% of Google+ users identify as other.

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Google Using YouTube To Fight Back With Facebook, Who Take Advantage On The iPhone

15 Nov


Facebook has a monstrous advantage on iPhone that Google does not, I gained experience from a source at Business Insider’s Ignition 2013 gathering without much fanfare, and this goes somehow to demonstrating Google’s sudden insistence that people use Google+ if they wish to comment on YouTube videos.

People have a tendency to stay logged into Facebook on their mobile phones. Not so Google or Google+. So as a advertiser and you need to arrive at people on their phones, the Facebook login identity will be a handy thing.

People stay logged into Facebook on both iPhone and Android frameworks, obviously. But Google’s issues are stepped up for iPhone, since iPhone doesn’t have tracking cookies – which help advertisers track your web searching habits – a great deal of Google’s search ad products don’t act too on the iPhone as they do on Android or a desktop environment. Cookies are the small bits of software that track your web scanning history so advertisers can target you with ads that appear significant.

Android does have cookies, and Google can utilize them to target you with ads when you scan for stuff on an Android phone.

Furthermore you’d feel that because 81% of smartphones are running Google’s Android framework, with cookies, that the iPhone hole wouldn’t be much of an issue. Anyhow it is.

iPhone users have a tendency to be wealthier than Android users, and ads coming on Apple’s mobile devices frequently have better ROI.

So another way for Google to develop a target-rich environment for promoters who need to reach at people on iPhone might be for additional iPhone user to log into Google+ and afterward neglect to log out.

It is coincidence; Google is currently pushing people to log into Google+ provided that they need to comment on YouTube videos. One plan here is to “civilize” YouTube, which has come to be ready with trolls and narrow minded people who comment namelessly under videos.

Anyhow Google additionally realizes that 40% of YouTube’s traffic originates from mobile devices, and mobile traffic will just build over the long time. A huge portion of the people will neglect to log out, and stay logged in semi-forever, simply the way Facebook users do.

That will expand the measure of Google+ logins accessible for focusing on iPhone – a topography controlled by Facebook.

Facebook still rules social media logins, consistent with Janrain, an organization that tracks social media information. About 45% of logins are from Facebook. However Google+ login were 33% of the crowd, Janrain says, and the gap between Facebook and Google+ is shutting.

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Is Social Media Replaced E-Mail Marketing?

8 Nov

If you’re going to implementing  an email marketing program but aren’t certain if your resources would be better used expanding a social network programs, or if you’re assuming that recognizing diminishing the measure of email you send to focus more on social network, this article investigates whether or not social network is truly “killing” email.

The Rise of Social Network

social basketBefore the rise of social media networks, speaking with your clients or users was a mess simpler. Most of them read email, and they read it often. Now people unmistakably invest less time in their inbox and more time on social networks. As a result, numerous marketers have moved their focus to social network marketing. In this article, we’ll explore why social networks haven’t swapped email and shouldn’t adjust your email marketing technique.

The Numbers

records of social mediaLater study in Boston uncovered that social networks and Facebook specifically, are replacing email to keep in touch with friends. 96% of respondents regularly use Facebook to connect with friends, followed by text messaging at 93% and email at 91%.

Monetizing From Social Networks vs. Monetizing via E-mails

email vs socialHow users act in Social Networks and E-mail Marketing environment is altogether different. In an email environment, expecting that you can get the user to open your email, the user is then engage in a solo action with no other disturbance.

In a social media environment, users are in the network to dig into information and communicate with other users. This comes about as rather than to read your message and then proceed onward to the next opportunity to interact with other social network users is challenging, lengthy and takes an any longer tail to result in action.


Why choose email over social media?

  • In respects to the business environment, email gives a level of privacy and professionalism that is not present when utilizing social media stages.
  • The inbox goes about as an electronic “go to folder” that empowers the management of tasks and gatherings.
  • Email works over all platforms and applications. With social media you can’t convey between networks.
  • Email has become more than only two way communication tools. A valid email address is as important as passport or driving license. Social media’s absence of standardization makes this an unworthy tool.
  • Social media does not provide a professional online space for business one to ones.
  • Social media has a major issue with possession or say ownership, even after deleting the LinkedIn account the information still exists on their server and has chance to been cloned and duplicated over the web.

Social networks are not replacing emails, yet they are changing out people utilize it. Verify your email procedure reacts appropriately. Send good, applicable, targeted emails to clean house-records. You’ll uncover that email still works best for pure ROI purposes and likewise accompanies various different profit that you shouldn’t overlook.

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Google+ With Its Updated New Photo and Video Sharing Features

1 Nov

Google-plusGoogle has wrapped up its Morning with Google+ occasion. Around a few different features, Google’s social network is getting a slew of new photograph and video improvement features that expect on making the sharing experience better, as well as put Google in a position where the Mountain View organization can directly compete with devoted filter and photograph upgrade applications that are accessible for Android and iOS. Wouldn’t it be great if we could investigate what they declared for Google+ today?

Auto Awesome Movies takes movie scraps from transferred content, mix it with your shared photographs, and adds ambient sounds to it, making the entire experience more infectious. To make matters considerably additionally fascinating, photographs and video clippings are rendered with filters connected immediately, giving the entire feature an exceptionally cool look and feel.

Next up, we improved control over automatic photograph upgrades, where you can control the level of improvement that the software applies to your offering. Basically, the upgrades might be dialed up or down, with the intention that you don’t end up with something that looks totally the inverse of what you needed it to be. While Google’s “computer vision” can now distinguish more objects by default. At long last, counting up the score is movement shots for Google+’s Auto Awesome Photos, which reproduce the same subject several times inside a shot, and eraser, which immediately removes moving objects from pictures.

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Eraser

Auto Awesome Eraser

For Google’s putting forth of expert filters, Analog Pro was additionally added to the advertising. Besides, which is a feature which I’ve been directly anticipating for a great while is auto foundation backup, which spares your photographs at full-res out of sight, and this feature is at long last coming to Google+ for iOS.

Overall, Google seems to have put a lot of thought and effort behind making Google+ more than just a social sharing platform. The photograph and video upgrades seem to contend straightforwardly with Facebook Camera application for the iPhone, close by giving potential competition to likes of Instagram with the impacts and filters advertising. Some of Google+’s new offerings, like motion shots, are hardly found anyplace else, so that’s an added reward.

The updates to Google+ application with improved features for Android are relied upon to start rolling today, so keep an eye out.

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Password is Dead! What Next For Security?

25 Oct

passwordsPasswords command our lives nowadays; they are part and package of investing time on the web. There are currently such a large number of applications, services, apparatuses and sites that requires us to log into our protected record utilizing a password that the sheer number of pass-phrases we need to recollect has spiraled totally crazy. What’s more it is dependably prudent for the best level of security to utilize a totally diverse password for every site and services.

 Clearly this is a gigantic security issue; assuming that somebody figures out how to work out that your Gmail password is ih4ve4b4dmemory and utilizes it to enter your email, they’re presumably set to attempt the same password for Facebook, Twitter and whatever possible online services you want to envision.


 You’ve probably recognized that when you log into a site that requires you to enter a username and password, your web browser helping offers to recall that it for you. This leads us onto the second alternative for us absent minded sorts. Of course… utilize an absurdly long and muddled password — Chrome will recollect that it for you so you never need to enter it again. Incredible!


 Then again you will interface a mobile to your record and when you head off to log in, a check codes will be conveyed to you through SMS. Your record will be unavailable until you have given this data.

So it’s clear that something better is required. Basically everybody has a mobile phone, yet this is not a perfect method of authentication. What do you do if your phone is lost or stolen? We have to consider something else. A mobile phone appears to be a great method of Identifications because something that most individuals have with them more often than not.

Apple, with the launch of the iPhone 5S chose to utilize something else that you have with you as a method of recognizable proof. It’s nothing especially new, yet the new iPhone’s unique mark onlooker is an intriguing security strategy, and it’s the kind of thing that we have to put more thought into.

iphone 5s

iPhone 5s features a fingerprint reader which could be adopted elsewhere.

The fingerprint spectator and NFC devices are at present being utilized to control access to mobile phones, yet there is no excuse for why this ought not be augmented into different regions, for example website security. Expanding amounts of individuals are beginning to understand the confinements and security issues connected with accepted passwords.

The mission explanation is honestly simple:

We push client authentication that doesn’t require us to recollect anything. We’re finding more approaches to utilize the Internet, and we need better approaches to recognize ourselves. It ought to be not difficult to log into each site we utilize now and to enlist at each new site we need to include. We decline to depend on our remembrances for security, and rather demand gauges that make it simple to stay safe and keep our information private.

nfc device

NFC devices such as the Nymi bracelet could offer an alternative to passwords.

How would you feel about passwords? Is it accurate to say that they are something you have gotten used to, or do you finds them a fundamental abhorrence that you’d get a kick out of the chance to replace? Do you surmise that two- or three -variable verification is the route ahead or is there any importance?

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