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How Data and Research Helps to Make Mobile App Successful?

18 Apr


The value that you provide to any development as a designer/developer or user experience professional isn’t just your capacity to execute a series of tasks. Good customers will recognize and appreciate the guidance, opinions and recommendations that come with your experience. It’s up to you to be approaching and to place yourself as a valuable thinker from the begin as well as to build your suggestions with respect to subjective ideas. It is essential, especially in the rapidly growing world of mobile, where customers regularly require update as they do execution.

Below are some aspects to put some value to your products:

Reasonableness vs. Identity

A research states that, customers essentially search to utilize the best product and services. By following this thinking to how users interact with mobile web or apps puts more importance on “What do you have to do/find?” Mobile users aren’t divided by age, education, gender, income etc. This reason is somehow effective to provide some value to customers.   

Audience Research and Analysis into Your Process

Mobile research is a value added part of your services that you offer to your customers from the beginning. A more practical, goal-oriented research component helps in building a better product. It enables you to make better decisions and to judge about what your audience expects from a mobile experience.

This is the best way to determine what users expect to find in the mobile devices, how a very specific, targeted set of customers use their smartphones and what’s the probability is that they’d be interested in using the application you intend to build.

Analytics Review

By reviewing analytics data from an existing Web presence can be an effective way to determine what mobile users are doing with the content and features available. Always remember, when using Google Analytics, that mobile phones and tablets are group together in the default “Mobile” group.

Identifying Themes

To know the requirement of mobile users has little value until the research is put to use. In between research and development there are the series of “themes”. Themes are a familiar concept that simplifies the process of grouping findings together, while including a number of tactics to be implemented in the project.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile Application Development is the way to interact with the market as well as with user, not only to produce great work but also to know about the specific research projects that help in adding some value to your existing product.

Analysis and Research is a fantastic, accessible way to increase your perceived business value, and it is helping to shape the future of the app that we build to keep step up with users.

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Importance of User Interface Design for Mobile App Success

11 Apr


“First Impression is the Last Impression.”  This is not just a proverb; this is a true fact for every mobile app that is standing in the app market. Interface design of an app is not only the first but also an important chance for any mobile app development company to attract user, and for user it is the first step to integrate the quality and usefulness of an app.

 Before I begin to explain the importance of interface design, first know, what is Interface Design?

Interface design is the art of making the interaction between the human and the mobile device/computer as effortless as possible. At some level, everything on your mobile device or computer is an interface, created and designed to allow you to access data you want.

Problem arises when; business mobile application design is too often neglected. I have seen lots of applications that don’t meet the requirements of either businesses or users and thus results to loss of money and poor user experience.  Sometimes in the small firms, it even happens that designers are not involved in the process of application development at all, laying all of the responsibility on the shoulders of developers.

It is not so easy, even for experience developers, who have plenty of back-end and front-end development experience but limited knowledge of design. If you don’t take the time to think about the appearance of your app it will be apparent to your potential users. Your content might be the best in the world, but if your users can’t get passed your ugly screenshots it doesn’t matter. And this results in frustrated users, unsatisfied customers and failed projects.

 Well, if you want your apps to work for your business gets more and more hits and downloads, you must conceive with the importance of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design.

User Interface design is the part of the app that faces the user, whereas User Experience is how user feel when using the app. It is essential to follow effective user experience design into the app development process to engage the end user and raise the chances of transactional response.

Your app is important, it should look good. Too often we see poorly designed apps for iPhone, Android, Windows that have been created by a programmer or inexperienced person.  So, if you want your app to be effective in generating sales or leads, you must begin your project with an understanding of user psychology and behavior.  Every design decision should focus on delivering a memorable user experience in order to increase conversion performance.

Always remember, designing an app is as important as development and this is a specialist role that must be done by a designer. Every app is designed to fulfill key business objectives- generating revenues, increase productivity, enhancing brand identity and engaging users. By developing a polished User Interface and fluid User Experience design within the app development process; your product will ultimately help to fulfill wider business objectives and commercial goals.

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How to increase your business revenues from mobile apps?

21 Feb

mobile app revenue

If you are a business firm or developer and you don’t already offer mobile applications to your clients, doing so can increase your revenues rapidly.

Adding an entirely new service to your business is not only moving ahead, it’s good for profits. Here’s how things usually go for your average revenues…

You just landed a new client who wants a website, sweet!

Normally you’d build it, release it, and you’re done. But what if they need a mobile app?

Will you say Sorry…..?


You now have the power to make app for them, and increase your revenues!

We all know, Mobile apps are spreading like wildfire and with new utility apps coming out every day, MobilePundits found how they provide real world benefits for businesses.

You can add an app into the initial project scope, or change them after the site is done. You can even track back to old clients and sell them an app.

The best part is that you don’t have to hire an Objective C or Java developer, increasing your expense. You can now keep app development in-house, and add another income source to your business.

Smartphones open a whole new world of opportunities for marketers at businesses from large and small. The following are the things to keep in mind so that businesses are getting an extra boost via mobile apps:

Designing the app. It is possible to make customizations to the app theme and add custom features.

Maintenance and updates of the app. Mostly there is no need to resubmit the app, but if your client needs a major change or to add some feature, you might have to.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications. You could send out region-specific notifications about special offers based on users’ interests. For example a store could announce a sale on umbrellas with a weather alert to users where rain is forecasted.

Geo-Targeted Advertising. You can use smart ads to target users by specific location to display ads and coupons that are based in their geographic location.

Additional Sales Opportunities. Since people are constantly on their smartphones during their free time, these free moments have opportunities to connect with users. You can reach to consumers while they are having their morning tea, taking lunch or sitting in a waiting room. App will be able to reminding users to look the app by sending a notification or saving login and billing information in the app.

Dynamic Offers. You can use geo-tracking to deliver at-a-time offers to help boost revenue. For example, movie tickets of upcoming movie that has not been sold out to increase their profits for a particular show time.

Data Gathering. You can track what users are doing within their app. They can see what things users search and what things make users leave. This is extremely valuable for designing the app to make users stay and maximize their time spent on the app.

Compete Anywhere. You can compete anywhere, anytime in the market. Mobile provides the benefit of immediate price comparisons. Users can find the products with the best offer and instantly purchase them on their phones.

Pushing Through the Stack. To avoid “bouncing” off an app (visiting without making a purchase) generate automatic address and credit card fill-in. Mostly users are not interested in filling their credit card information. To fight this, make your app can store credit card information or use GPS to find a user’s location.

Mobile apps are helping businesses to increase revenue largely by increasing efficiency. Instead of only targeting to crowd, users can be narrowly targeted. Businesses can productive inventory in the last moments before it would have gone to waste. And all these little but effective efficiencies are resulting in more revenue for businesses by enhancing the overall experience for users.

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No limitation for male and female, said Facebook

14 Feb

You don’t have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore!!!

 fb people

Since 2008, Facebook has offered its user who made a profile on the site to select from one of two gender options: male or female. This requirement has long bothered if the user doesn’t choose with either option. Facebook is unable to answer when the people can opt out of showing sex on their profile, this prevents many people to identify on their profiles as male or female could.

Facebook has avoided the issue for years, but now it appears to be effective instantly. ”It is important because of expression of gender, especially when it more than definitions of just ‘male’ or ‘female.'”

In addition to male or female, Facebook users can now select a third option, “custom,” in the gender drop-down. While choosing “custom” from the drop-down menu than you can select from a list of around 50 options, from “agender” and “androgyne” to “trans female,” “two-spirit,”  “trans male,” “trans person” etc. Users can have up to ten descriptors in their profile.

Facebook new gender options

Facebook new gender options

Facebook further asks users what pronoun they prefer: “her,” “him,” or “them.” And it allows you to apply custom privacy settings to your gender information, so that you can share it with, only with your friends, or publically.


Facebook with its 1.23 billion active monthly users around the world allows them to keep their gender identity private or public. Currently, the custom gender identifiers will only be available for users in US English.

“During the past few years, a person’s Facebook profile truly has become their online identity, and now Facebook has taken a forward step to allow countless people to more honestly and accurately proved themselves,” HRC President Chad Griffin said.

This move by Facebook came after years of discussion and lobbying from users, some effect came from Facebook pages to petition for the change. On the other hand Google+ offer male, female and “other” in option, but it is well said that Facebook has many specific options to put the platform well ahead of any other online community. About only 1% of Google+ users identify as other.

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Say Bye to Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards!

7 Feb

chip and pinOctober 2015, has chosen to say bye to the swipe-and-sign of a credit card transaction.

Beginning from the next year, in all major countries where people do insert card into a slot and enter a PIN number, now won’t signing those credit card receipts. The reason behind this major step is to stop the world’s credit card fraud and brought more and more attention to the recent large-scale theft of credit card data from retailers.

In the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting in U.S., executives told the senators that once the country act on the new system- which includes credit cards embedded with a microchip containing security data- these kinds of hacking attacks will be much more difficult to pull off.

The changeover is coming through: both MasterCard and Visa, and both have set October, 2015 as an important deadline in the switch. But why has it taken this long, and how will the changeover work for card users and businesses?

Talk with MasterCard’s company expert Carolyn Balfany about new payment system, known as EMV that will end up swipe-and-sign and starting chip-and-PIN. Here’s what she had to say.

She said by answering the question “Why U.S. has taken so much longer to accept it?”, firstly there were higher fraud rates in some markets and they wanted to make this move to combat fraud. Secondly this system can operate in offline mode– the card and the terminal can authorize a transaction independent of communication with the bank’s systems.

By answering about the “liability shift” she said:

 Whenever card fraud happens, we need to determine who is liable or responsible for the costs. When the liability shift happens, what will change is that if there is an incidence of card fraud, whichever party has the lesser technology will bear the liability.

So if a merchant is still using the old system, they can still run a transaction with a swipe and a signature. But they will be liable for any fraudulent transactions if the customer has a chip card. And the same goes the other way – if the merchant has a new terminal, but the bank hasn’t issued a chip and PIN card to the customer, the bank would be liable. This way, we’re not shifting fraud around within the system; we’re driving fraud out of the system.

“How will it actually happen?” while answering she said still lot of work on this that has already happened. For merchants, the terminals and equipments are available to accept the new cards. Banks already issued cards with the chip to customers who travel abroad. Mostly consumers know how to use it. Overall some media coverage and awareness is required to explaining the system and all the benefits, and obviously how to use it.

While answering our last question about benefits other than security, she said:

With keep in mind that it is the establishment of technological platform for the next generation of payments and not only limited to chip and PIN cards, it also includes things like contactless payments at same level of security. Now account can be resident in multiple places with tag affixed to your phone or on your key ring.

This article is originally posted on The Wall Street Journal.

Get Bluetooth Connectivity With iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane

24 Jan


Flying paper planes is not a fun. The most recent product by Powerup Toys’ gives you a chance to include one more product of intelligence i.e. paper plane by connecting an electric storage device fueled propeller and rudder, which might be utilize an iPhone application by means of Bluetooth. It is controlled by powerup 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit.

The Paper Airplane Kit is the company’s third generation of this device; most of the previous models fail to offer with application. The way it works is really basic: First, fold a paper plane utilizing the model gave. Next, connect the Powerup module to the plane, and link it with your phone.

 Paper Airplane With Propeller Power


 The electric cell inside the Powerup 3.0 airplane will give about 10 minutes of flying time, and recharge through microUSB in about 15 minutes. The application itself is really smart. Possible that pilots guide the plane by tilting the iPhone left or right, and app also shows you at what level the plane is with respect to the horizon/skyline. A throttle in the center gives you a chance to change the speed of the propeller, and three checks indicate the power output, battery life remaining, and signal quality between the plane and your phone.

On the other hand, the plane was exceptionally alert; it flew past us in the blink of an eye. Powerup says you’ll have the ability to control the plane to a range of about 60 yards. When it’s released in May, we’re positively anticipating taking it for a flight or two.

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10 Unusual Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind In 2014

10 Jan

One of the major highlights of the year 2014 is unconventional gadgets that attract every one interest and it was presented in Consumer Electronics Show. After 4K TVs and wearable devices made headlines, the connected ‘toothbrush’ and the ‘refrigerator’ were not far behind.

Here is a look at 10 quirky gadgets that is beyond your imagination in 2014.

1) Pot to charge your gadgets

Pot to charge your gadgets

Pot, which we use in our daily life for cooking etc. Here is the PowerPot, which has the ability to hold 2.3 liters of water and can generate 10 watts of power by converting the heat energy generated into DC power.

You can boil water and charge two iPhones or an iPad at the same time through its USB port.

2) Toothbrush to connect to internet

Toothbrush to connect to internet

Toothbrush, the morning needy tool. But to connect to internet and if you have worry about your teeth,  here is the Kolibree Toothbrush features a sensor that detects how much tartar is being removed while brushing.

It also records brushing activity and sends all information wirelessly to a smartphone app that tells users if they have missed hard-to-clean areas.

3) Refrigerator that talks to your phone

Refrigerator that talks to your phone

Just tell your refrigerator you’re on holiday and it will turn on power-saving mode and reply to you.

LG presented smart appliances that talk to mobile phones through its HomeChat service developed with Line. The appliances support Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to interpret simple text messages.

4) Bed to check your snoring

Bed to check your snoring

The Superbed that suits its name at least the work what all it does. The bed monitors the entire body’s movements, heart rate and breathing. It also helps people who snore and need to get free from it by moving itself up or down in order to remove blockages. Working with a custom app to offer advice that can help people sleep better.

5) Baby sleep monitor

Baby sleep monitor

Getting sleepless nights worrying about your baby’s sleep? Smart one newborn sleep monitor comes to the rescue.

You can put it into a child’s chest pocket and get information and alerts on the baby’s breathing, body temperature and orientation on their mobile phone.

6) Ear that monitors heart

Ear that monitors heart

Intel’s new smart earbuds come with sensors that can monitor the wearer’s heart rate.

The pair takes power from the headset jack of a smart device and work in cycle with an app that intimate users so that they can set a target heart rate for workouts and even select music matching the heart rate.

7) Take the perfect selfie

Take the perfect selfie

Selfie is termed as self portrait photograph that typically taken by own. One can take selfies without any problem with Hisy, a super compact remote control that can be paired to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth 4.0. The device works with the default iOS camera app and has a range of 90 feet.

Just get into the frame and fire the button on Hisy to activate the shutter.

8) ‘Parrot’ for plants

‘Parrot’ for plants

Parrot presented Flower Power, a device that enable users to monitor the health of their plants via their iPhone or iPad, through an app.
In every 15 minute intervals the app offers updates from the device related to the sunlight conditions, temperature, fertilizer and moisture level of the soil.

9) Headband to relax you

Headband to relax you

A new Muse Headband by InteraXon’s can be worn around one’s forehead to track brainwaves and signals that can be sent to an app installed on a device connected to them.

The app sends audio and video messages to calm down the brain and relax you.

10) Smart spoken guide for ride


CycleNav, a new bike navigation system made by Bikemaker Schwinn’s  which attaches to your bicycle’s handlebars, it allows you plot a route for your cycling trip into the company’s smartphone app. CycleNav device connect to your phone via Bluetooth and communicates turn-by-turn directions using large lighted arrows as well as voice prompts.

After your journey comes to an end, the app records fitness stat for you to track distance you pedaled, calories you burned and duration. As well as, it doubles as a headlight for your bicycle as well. It launches in March for $60.

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