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Google Wallet Lands On iPhone but Away From NFC to Loyalty and Offers, Is It Compatible?

20 Sep

Google could be adapting the way we use cash now. One of its most recent innovations is Google Wallet – a virtual wallet on your Google-fueled Android phone. Basically add your records to Google Wallet, and you can tap your phone on card book lovers utilizing technology like PayPass.

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About Google Wallet

Google Wallet, an Android application that will permit clients to utilize their phone as a payment card. This is carried out by essentially tapping your phone on any partaking retailer’s MasterCard PayPass electronic reader, with the goal that it sends payment to the merchant. This electronic wallet will in the end permit you to store the sum of your existing credit or debit cards on your phone. In any case, when Google at first launches their electronic wallet, clients can just utilize their City MasterCard’s or Google’s Prepaid Card.

Landing On iPhone

Awhile ago Google Wallet is accessible for Android phones; the virtual wallet application is currently up for snatches for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners. iOS clients can now add Google Wallet to their mobile devices. The free Google Wallet for iOS serves up the same offers discovered on its Android partner.

On Tuesday, Google revealed another form of the Android application without the NFC necessity, opening the route to basically all Android devices and now the iPhone and iPad. Google Wallet asks for iOS 6.0 or higher and is improved for the more drawn out screen of the iPhone 5 and the two most recent iPhone’s.


Yesterday, Google has released Google Wallet for the iPhone. Shockingly, this is not a version 1.0 application. The App Store data really puts this at Google Wallet version 2.0.10206, which puts it near even with the Android version. Google Wallet for iPhone offers a large portion of the practicality that you might want from the new application incorporating sending and gaining cash, archiving loyalty cards, saving offers, and being notified dependent upon your location when a saved offer could be utilized adjacent.

Utilizing the application, you can send cash to anybody in the US with an e-mail address. You can filter the sum of your loyalty cards and different offers into the application, which you can then reclaim at the checkout counter of qualifying stores. The application likewise can indicate you close-by offers through your gadget’s Location Services emphasize, however you can turn this choice off provided that you’d rather stay covered up.

NFC to Loyalty and Offers

Google Wallet has made a long way. Later after major upgrade to the application, it was when Google moved the sum of the information to the cloud, which uprooted the security stresses that different banks had, so all major credit cards could then be utilized. Yet, the application still needed devices with NFC chips, which led to exceptionally constrained device compatibility.


In sync with the Google Wallet, Google has additionally started Google Offers and loyalty, which permits clients to find offers on other Google products (maps, search, shopper) or straight from the everyday offer website on Google.com/offers. Along these lines, you can include your different loyalty cards for inns, airlines, and different organizations and have them on your phone prepared to output when you’re at the checkout. No compelling reason to convey the actual cards anymore.

Need Some More

Not surprisingly, the one function that doesn’t exist in the iPhone version is the choice to tap to pay utilizing NFC as a part of stores. Given that the iPhone still doesn’t have NFC, and might never receive the hardware, it might have been an enormous astound for Google to incorporate that.

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Google says that soon the application will likewise advise you when you are close to a store for which you have a loyalty card. Furthermore, on that same area based idea, Google Wallet will now reconcile with Google Offers, and different offers that you get on Google+, Google Maps, or even on some coupon sites like Valpak. Offers can be recovered to your Wallet for utilization when you checkout at the identified store.

This is effortlessly the greatest update to Google Wallet yet, and it pushes the application towards Google’s point of having it is a real replacement for your wallet.