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Why Windows Phone Is The Safest Platform Among All?

20 Dec

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According to software security company F-Secure security Chief Mikko Hypponen, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is the safest mobile operating system available to businesses, he further told Windows Phone 8 is presently the safest mobile operating system here.

Although Apple’s iOS is also commonly known as being safe, exactly as safe as BlackBerry for business use, while Android remains a haven for cyber criminals. It seems that F-Secure is giving the “safest” award to Windows Phone 8 at the moment.

At the moment Windows Phone is the safest, there are­­­ thousands of malware for Blackberry and more malware for the iPhone and without a doubt progressively on Android. Interestingly, Hypponen anticipated that “Windows Phone is safest mobile operating system; due to its restrictive development policy should protect it from criminals for the foreseeable future. We’ve seen no malware at all targeting the platform. You want a safe & secure phone? Purchase a Windows Phone.”

Meanwhile, Android receives a bashing for being the most unsafe; firstly, because of amount of malicious Android installation files, it’s almost just double after every quarter. Secondly, because of 3rd party app stores with much has less security features as the official one, Google Play. Although, Google is said to address some of the issues with 3rd party apps/stores in the new version of Android 4.2 taste as jelly bean.

“Windows Phone’s security model inside is somehow prohibitive, I think it’s aimed to take a while before we see Windows Phone being seriously targeted.

In case of Windows Phone 8, it is quite safe at the moment, probably because of not much people are using Windows Phone 8 device. If/when Windows Phone 8 takes off; it might be become a much bigger target for malware. But still my hunch says it will stay the safest.

Posted By: Pooja Runija


Microsoft Filling The Windows Phone Store By Recollecting Popular Websites As Apps

6 Dec
Microsoft's is now creating app versions of mobile web sites to lure top services over to Windows Phone

Microsoft’s is now creating app versions of mobile web sites to lure top services over to Windows Phone

Microsoft has been influence to wheedle well known applications such as Pandora and Tumblr over to Windows Phone as of late months, and in the nearing days, Instagram and Flipboard will be the most recent mega-prominent smartphone applications added to that record. In spite of various huge name “gets,” Microsoft is even now trailing Android and iOS regarding the matter of applications.

To skirt around its failings, Microsoft is turning to making “web applications” for various well known brands and websites. Another segment on the Windows Phone Store called Microsoft WebApps, initially spotted by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, offers various downloadable, pinnable web applications. The trust is that WebApps for Windows Phone will sway companies to improve native applications for Windows Phone.

Microsoft is as of now offering more than 40 Web applications admitting Blockbuster, CarMax, Food Network, Jimmy John’s, Glassdoor, Listverse, Orbitz and TMZ. From the past record, Microsoft’s WebApps are for standard retail outlets and some famous websites.

mobile app vs native app

Microsoft told to ZDnet,”These are not a supplanting for native applications”. “As a principle we trust that use of the Web App will urge the [website owner] to distribute its own native application.”

While web applications aren’t a supplanting for applications composed in native code, they are a great stopgap to fill the gap in the Windows Phone application list. If service doesn’t maintain generally mobile website that offers a comparable experience to a native application.

By and by, a consolidated effort to charm developers over to Windows Phone with immediate claims and Web application development could help Microsoft in its mission for application equality with Android and iOS.

Posted By: Pooja Runija