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How Data and Research Helps to Make Mobile App Successful?

18 Apr


The value that you provide to any development as a designer/developer or user experience professional isn’t just your capacity to execute a series of tasks. Good customers will recognize and appreciate the guidance, opinions and recommendations that come with your experience. It’s up to you to be approaching and to place yourself as a valuable thinker from the begin as well as to build your suggestions with respect to subjective ideas. It is essential, especially in the rapidly growing world of mobile, where customers regularly require update as they do execution.

Below are some aspects to put some value to your products:

Reasonableness vs. Identity

A research states that, customers essentially search to utilize the best product and services. By following this thinking to how users interact with mobile web or apps puts more importance on “What do you have to do/find?” Mobile users aren’t divided by age, education, gender, income etc. This reason is somehow effective to provide some value to customers.   

Audience Research and Analysis into Your Process

Mobile research is a value added part of your services that you offer to your customers from the beginning. A more practical, goal-oriented research component helps in building a better product. It enables you to make better decisions and to judge about what your audience expects from a mobile experience.

This is the best way to determine what users expect to find in the mobile devices, how a very specific, targeted set of customers use their smartphones and what’s the probability is that they’d be interested in using the application you intend to build.

Analytics Review

By reviewing analytics data from an existing Web presence can be an effective way to determine what mobile users are doing with the content and features available. Always remember, when using Google Analytics, that mobile phones and tablets are group together in the default “Mobile” group.

Identifying Themes

To know the requirement of mobile users has little value until the research is put to use. In between research and development there are the series of “themes”. Themes are a familiar concept that simplifies the process of grouping findings together, while including a number of tactics to be implemented in the project.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile Application Development is the way to interact with the market as well as with user, not only to produce great work but also to know about the specific research projects that help in adding some value to your existing product.

Analysis and Research is a fantastic, accessible way to increase your perceived business value, and it is helping to shape the future of the app that we build to keep step up with users.

Posted By: Pooja Runija




YouTube Video Optimization: A Powerful Social Media Campaign for SEO

4 Oct

youtube_optimizationYouTube Optimization Tips for the Second Most-Popular Search Engine treated to buffet of tips, traps and sound advice for advertisers needing their video promoting. By the report make all of energized by saying “B2B can be sexy” that keeps it attractive, possibly the product.

How would you measure victory with online video? All things considered, consider the reason for your video; what is it for? Is the campaign coordinated with all other promoting endeavors and have you made objectives and KPIs?

Your commitment is to entertain, engage, update and empower your viewers, that incorporated making best content, focusing on your group of audience, verifying you have a joined client base, being discoverable and permitting a little plan to seed engagement through the paid devices Google needs to encourage survey on YouTube.

youTube_Optimization_Secrets_SEOHow to build a strong foundation for your YouTube vicinity:
• Channel name is short and significant.
• Channel icon can show up as distinctive sizes, ensure that high-resolution picture you upload.
• Think about video titles: what’s set to make somebody click on it?
• Have your marking at the finish of the title and core keywords towards the begin.
• Test and streamline video title like you might a PPC commercial
• Add tags that are illustrative.
• The beginning couple of sentences of the description truly count; you can add links to it.

Your procedure might as well accompany the 60% entertaining, 30% inspiring and 10% branding rule, so upload videos daily, making playlists, embedding strategic calls-movement, and bringing a community approach with convenient reactions and engagement with your audience.

As well as estimation you can associate your YouTube channel to your Google Analytics, yet verify you “add a new account” or it won’t report independently. What helps advise your optimization knows who your users are, so utilize all the reports to comprehend their demographics, motives and desires.

Where are users finding your videos? Take a gander at traffic sources. For how long you can engage users? Look at comments and so on. More level maintenance rates mean you’re more averse to wind up in search results. Attempt to resolve why individuals are subscribing. Which video do they like? How are annotations performing?

social-media-marketing2The indicators that Google uses to figure out which videos get visibility in YouTube:
• Likes and dislikes – contents invigorates that sort of response and get individuals debating.
• A complete perspective of the video – which is the reason, recommends not having videos that are more drawn out than 2 minutes.
• Shares.
• Video answers – resounding guidance on neighborhood engagement.
• Subscribers – utilize each tool to encourage viewers.

By: Pooja Runija