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Pakistan Government Can Lift YouTube Ban But The Condition Is!

13 Dec
you tubeISLAMABAD, Dec 10: A new pact with the management of Google/YouTube has lightened the possibility of YouTube being unblocked in Pakistan.

Risks of re-opening YouTube in Pakistan has lightened since Google/YouTube authorities and Pakistani government are defining an agreement as a consequence of which Google may establish a localized form of YouTube in Pakistan like http://www.youtube.com.pk, consistent with Dawn.

It should be remembered that, the world’s largest videos sharing website was blocked in the country in September 17, 2012 on the request of then Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. The ban was effective after YouTube declined to notice to Pakistan government ask for to remove ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ from the website, a film that was recognized impious and started savagery in numerous Muslim nations across the world. The government has been attempting to block particular videos yet has been unable to do so work now. Pakistan Government had succeeded in convincing the Google management about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.

“Management of Google/YouTube has shown its readiness to localize YouTube in Pakistan with clearly explaining that they won’t be responsible if profane content is put and uploaded on its website,” the minister said.

By demonstrating the technicalities the Minister of State for Information Technology, Anusha Rehman said “The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is concluding a draft mandate which will be transformed by the minister for institution as law”. She than pointed that once YouTube was localized, blocking offensive content might be easier. Anyhow blocking thousands of links was likewise not a solution. It can take Google five seconds to place certain blocked content from one IP to another one and instead of installing expensive filtration systems, Google can easily block impious content on the request of the Pakistan government. Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have also arrived at a similar arrangement with Google.

Localizing YouTube might also mean that Google would not be violating its organization law of blocking flexibility of representation, the minister argued. This was likewise an appeal from the management of Google to the government of Pakistan.  However, still couldn’t give an exact date for the re-opening of YouTube.

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Google’s Broken Promises, Does Google Requires Some More To Keep Trust In Search?

29 Nov

google-promises brokenFor two years in succession now, Google has backtracked on major promises it made about search. It started doing paid inclusion in 2012, which it once called “evil.” This year, its exploring banner ads might never be permitted. Both speak to major philosophical movements for the company about search, yet shifts it has avoided to demonstrating. Does that dissolve user trust?

However, the bigger picture is that as Google has entered its fifteenth year, it confronts new challenges on the best way to convey search products that are fundamentally not the same as when it began.

That’s the focus of my column at Mobile Pundits Blog this week, Google’s Broken Promises & What Google Do To Keep Faith On Search?

In the past, Google might have explained such moves in an attempt to support user trust. Right away, Google either accepts it has so much user trust that explanations aren’t necessary. Or, the lack of responsibility might be due to its “fuzzy management” structure where no one seems in charge of the search engine.

Broken Promise 2012: Google Shopping Goes Pay-To-Play

Google-ShoppingThe first broken promise came a year ago, when Google took the extraordinary step of transforming one of its search product, Google Product Search, into an immaculate advertisement product called Google Shopping.

Awhile ago, Google Product Search worked in the same way that Google’s standard search engine still does. It accumulated listings from over the Web, demonstrating comes about accelerating merchants, at no charge to them. As merchants needed to be ensured better situation for a specific search, they could purchase ads, which ran above and to the right of the unpaid “editorial” postings.

Google Shopping is an alternate brute. Nobody gets listed unless they pay. It’s not an immaculate illustration. Paid inclusion doesn’t ensure you’ll rank better or get good stories. Anyhow you don’t even get an opportunity to seem unless you shell unconscious hard money.

Evil In 2004, Embraced In 2012

google-good-evilThe Company Wrote, Because we don’t charge merchants for inclusion in [Google Shopping], our users can peruse product classes or conduct product searches with trust that the outcomes we furnish are significant and impartial. 

Broken Promise 2013: Banner Ads In Search

Google promised in December 2005 that there will be no banner ads on the Web search results pages or Google homepage. Eight years after the fact, Google’s testing huge banner ads like these:

google banner

You could contend that the promise was made by vice president of Google’s search products Marissa Mayer, obviously, has proceeded onward to be CEO of Yahoo. At the same time Mayer made that promise on behalf of Google. It didn’t somehow lapse just because she exited.

“Why” Google Broke Promises?

google stop

  • Google no more considers “it’s best to do one thing really, really well – we do search,” nor does “vote based system on the Web”.
  • The more intricate response is that things do change and require organizations and products to adjust. Possibly it does make sense that Google moved to a paid inclusion display for shopping hunt, in spite of its prior stance against this.

I accept there must have been some open conversation. I trust there was. However if there was, Google hasn’t felt it beneficial to demonstrate these decisions in the way it once may have previously, to the shoppers and other people who may mind. Issues that were huge enough to make loud, open explanations about appear to deserve at least some public acknowledgment of a change of heart.

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Google’s Web Based Development Tool Named “SPARK”

22 Nov

Spark is a Google developer tool for composing Web applications from inside a Web browser.

google dartMore often it is an online programming tool, still in its early schedule stages, is for developing Web applications inside a Web browser. The open-source tool itself is assembled with Google’s new Dart language.

Welcome to Dart, the structured web customizing platform developed by Google. Dart is a new web programming language with a virtual machine, libraries and tools. Dart helps developers to create structured present day web applications, and it compiles to JavaScript to run over the whole modern web. Dart is expected to address JavaScript’s issues (which Google’s developers felt couldn’t be sort out by evolving the language) while offering better execution, the capability “to be more effectively tooled for extensive scale projects” and better security offers. Google tackles Dart to help it build more unpredictable, full-featured customer side Web applications.

Google likes Web applications; however one region where native software and programming remains dominant is programming tools. A Google project called Spark that became exposed Thursday could change that.

Spark is a Web-based IDE (integrated development environment) that runs in a browser for developers composing Chrome applications, consistent with Google’s Francois Beaufort, who tracks Chrome developments nearly. That means, besides everything else, that Chrome book coders might have an approach to be beneficial without needing to move to a Mac, Windows or Linux box.

Spark is a Google developer tool for writing Web apps from within a Web browser.

Spark is a Google developer tool for writing Web apps from within a Web browser.

“This is still the exact starting,” Beaufort said on Google+. “There’s very little we can accomplish for the present.”

Intriguingly, Spark is constructed utilizing Dart, Google’s Web programming language that the organization trusts will enhance upon JavaScript. Google recently released Dart 1.0 and now faces the test of inducing other browser producers to support it; however Dart programmers can utilize a utility called dart2js to change over their software into JavaScript. That means Spark might as well run on any present day browser.

What’s a Chrome application? In short, it’s a Web application that runs on Chrome. That would not joke about this can exploit Chrome capabilities, for example Native Client, and be distributed through the Chrome Web Store. It’s an idea that is sort of converse to the cross-platform reasoning of the open Web, however it carries some request to a riotous, quick evolving world.

Spark isn’t the only such type of effort. Mozilla played with a project called Bespin; other online IDEs incorporate Shiftedit and Cloud9.

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Google Using YouTube To Fight Back With Facebook, Who Take Advantage On The iPhone

15 Nov


Facebook has a monstrous advantage on iPhone that Google does not, I gained experience from a source at Business Insider’s Ignition 2013 gathering without much fanfare, and this goes somehow to demonstrating Google’s sudden insistence that people use Google+ if they wish to comment on YouTube videos.

People have a tendency to stay logged into Facebook on their mobile phones. Not so Google or Google+. So as a advertiser and you need to arrive at people on their phones, the Facebook login identity will be a handy thing.

People stay logged into Facebook on both iPhone and Android frameworks, obviously. But Google’s issues are stepped up for iPhone, since iPhone doesn’t have tracking cookies – which help advertisers track your web searching habits – a great deal of Google’s search ad products don’t act too on the iPhone as they do on Android or a desktop environment. Cookies are the small bits of software that track your web scanning history so advertisers can target you with ads that appear significant.

Android does have cookies, and Google can utilize them to target you with ads when you scan for stuff on an Android phone.

Furthermore you’d feel that because 81% of smartphones are running Google’s Android framework, with cookies, that the iPhone hole wouldn’t be much of an issue. Anyhow it is.

iPhone users have a tendency to be wealthier than Android users, and ads coming on Apple’s mobile devices frequently have better ROI.

So another way for Google to develop a target-rich environment for promoters who need to reach at people on iPhone might be for additional iPhone user to log into Google+ and afterward neglect to log out.

It is coincidence; Google is currently pushing people to log into Google+ provided that they need to comment on YouTube videos. One plan here is to “civilize” YouTube, which has come to be ready with trolls and narrow minded people who comment namelessly under videos.

Anyhow Google additionally realizes that 40% of YouTube’s traffic originates from mobile devices, and mobile traffic will just build over the long time. A huge portion of the people will neglect to log out, and stay logged in semi-forever, simply the way Facebook users do.

That will expand the measure of Google+ logins accessible for focusing on iPhone – a topography controlled by Facebook.

Facebook still rules social media logins, consistent with Janrain, an organization that tracks social media information. About 45% of logins are from Facebook. However Google+ login were 33% of the crowd, Janrain says, and the gap between Facebook and Google+ is shutting.

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Google+ With Its Updated New Photo and Video Sharing Features

1 Nov

Google-plusGoogle has wrapped up its Morning with Google+ occasion. Around a few different features, Google’s social network is getting a slew of new photograph and video improvement features that expect on making the sharing experience better, as well as put Google in a position where the Mountain View organization can directly compete with devoted filter and photograph upgrade applications that are accessible for Android and iOS. Wouldn’t it be great if we could investigate what they declared for Google+ today?

Auto Awesome Movies takes movie scraps from transferred content, mix it with your shared photographs, and adds ambient sounds to it, making the entire experience more infectious. To make matters considerably additionally fascinating, photographs and video clippings are rendered with filters connected immediately, giving the entire feature an exceptionally cool look and feel.

Next up, we improved control over automatic photograph upgrades, where you can control the level of improvement that the software applies to your offering. Basically, the upgrades might be dialed up or down, with the intention that you don’t end up with something that looks totally the inverse of what you needed it to be. While Google’s “computer vision” can now distinguish more objects by default. At long last, counting up the score is movement shots for Google+’s Auto Awesome Photos, which reproduce the same subject several times inside a shot, and eraser, which immediately removes moving objects from pictures.

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Action

Auto Awesome Eraser

Auto Awesome Eraser

For Google’s putting forth of expert filters, Analog Pro was additionally added to the advertising. Besides, which is a feature which I’ve been directly anticipating for a great while is auto foundation backup, which spares your photographs at full-res out of sight, and this feature is at long last coming to Google+ for iOS.

Overall, Google seems to have put a lot of thought and effort behind making Google+ more than just a social sharing platform. The photograph and video upgrades seem to contend straightforwardly with Facebook Camera application for the iPhone, close by giving potential competition to likes of Instagram with the impacts and filters advertising. Some of Google+’s new offerings, like motion shots, are hardly found anyplace else, so that’s an added reward.

The updates to Google+ application with improved features for Android are relied upon to start rolling today, so keep an eye out.

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Web Crawler Ranking Factors 2013 – Time to Come Up in Searches

11 Oct

Consistent with overview in every two years, over 100 top industry experts to assemble our biennial Search Engine or web crawler Ranking Factors. For 2013, the study with true correlation data from a scientific examination of over 17,000 indexed lists.

ranking factor

Why call as Ranking Factors?

Google claims to use over 200 signs in its search algorithm. While we don’t realize what precisely these signs are, it’s supportive to examine high ranking pages with the intention that we can start to understand the characteristics for pages web indexes jump at the chance to remunerate. This can give us an “insight” as to the ranking factors the search engines truly utilize.

“Correlation is not causation however it beyond any doubt is an indication.”

Case in point, if the correlation information reveals to us that high-ranking pages are connected with a high number of external backlinks, we may speculate that backlinks are still a vital part of Google’s algorithm.

On the other hand, the correlation information doesn’t dependably indicate us an immediate ranking factor (causation), however rather just focuses us towards the attributes of high-ranking pages. For instance, this year information demonstrates an amazing relationship between the amount of Google+1’s and higher rankings, yet Google agents state +1’s aren’t utilized within the algorithm.

This doesn’t mean offering on Google+ isn’t important, however does let us know we might as well give careful consideration to why pages with a lot of +1’s are likewise pages that have a tendency to rank higher in search results.

This post and outline aides show the distinction between correlation and causation:

ranking factor

This practically illustrates the need to not bounce to conclusions with correlation information, for while we think Google might utilize social information within its hunt algorithms, its additionally correct that pages that get countless offers likewise have a tendency to gain a high number of links.

Simply since a metric is quite connected, doesn’t mean Google utilizes that metric straightforwardly.

This is the by and large Google’s algorithm breaks down taken from the respondent’s survey:

• Domain level authority link metrics (20.5)

• Page-level join metrics (19.31)

• Page-level keyword and subject based (14.87)

• Domain level mark measurements (8.83)

• User utilization and traffic/query information (8.28)

• Page-level social measurements (7.28)

• Domain level keyword use (6.74)

• Domain level, keyword skeptic characteristics (5.26)

However, SEOs feel that the universal ranking factors, for example the anchor text and careful match area will soon grow dim as different elements takes a risk in the search engine, for example the webpage’s recognized worth to users, authorship, organized info, social sites and many more.

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YouTube Video Optimization: A Powerful Social Media Campaign for SEO

4 Oct

youtube_optimizationYouTube Optimization Tips for the Second Most-Popular Search Engine treated to buffet of tips, traps and sound advice for advertisers needing their video promoting. By the report make all of energized by saying “B2B can be sexy” that keeps it attractive, possibly the product.

How would you measure victory with online video? All things considered, consider the reason for your video; what is it for? Is the campaign coordinated with all other promoting endeavors and have you made objectives and KPIs?

Your commitment is to entertain, engage, update and empower your viewers, that incorporated making best content, focusing on your group of audience, verifying you have a joined client base, being discoverable and permitting a little plan to seed engagement through the paid devices Google needs to encourage survey on YouTube.

youTube_Optimization_Secrets_SEOHow to build a strong foundation for your YouTube vicinity:
• Channel name is short and significant.
• Channel icon can show up as distinctive sizes, ensure that high-resolution picture you upload.
• Think about video titles: what’s set to make somebody click on it?
• Have your marking at the finish of the title and core keywords towards the begin.
• Test and streamline video title like you might a PPC commercial
• Add tags that are illustrative.
• The beginning couple of sentences of the description truly count; you can add links to it.

Your procedure might as well accompany the 60% entertaining, 30% inspiring and 10% branding rule, so upload videos daily, making playlists, embedding strategic calls-movement, and bringing a community approach with convenient reactions and engagement with your audience.

As well as estimation you can associate your YouTube channel to your Google Analytics, yet verify you “add a new account” or it won’t report independently. What helps advise your optimization knows who your users are, so utilize all the reports to comprehend their demographics, motives and desires.

Where are users finding your videos? Take a gander at traffic sources. For how long you can engage users? Look at comments and so on. More level maintenance rates mean you’re more averse to wind up in search results. Attempt to resolve why individuals are subscribing. Which video do they like? How are annotations performing?

social-media-marketing2The indicators that Google uses to figure out which videos get visibility in YouTube:
• Likes and dislikes – contents invigorates that sort of response and get individuals debating.
• A complete perspective of the video – which is the reason, recommends not having videos that are more drawn out than 2 minutes.
• Shares.
• Video answers – resounding guidance on neighborhood engagement.
• Subscribers – utilize each tool to encourage viewers.

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