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Importance of User Interface Design for Mobile App Success

11 Apr


“First Impression is the Last Impression.”  This is not just a proverb; this is a true fact for every mobile app that is standing in the app market. Interface design of an app is not only the first but also an important chance for any mobile app development company to attract user, and for user it is the first step to integrate the quality and usefulness of an app.

 Before I begin to explain the importance of interface design, first know, what is Interface Design?

Interface design is the art of making the interaction between the human and the mobile device/computer as effortless as possible. At some level, everything on your mobile device or computer is an interface, created and designed to allow you to access data you want.

Problem arises when; business mobile application design is too often neglected. I have seen lots of applications that don’t meet the requirements of either businesses or users and thus results to loss of money and poor user experience.  Sometimes in the small firms, it even happens that designers are not involved in the process of application development at all, laying all of the responsibility on the shoulders of developers.

It is not so easy, even for experience developers, who have plenty of back-end and front-end development experience but limited knowledge of design. If you don’t take the time to think about the appearance of your app it will be apparent to your potential users. Your content might be the best in the world, but if your users can’t get passed your ugly screenshots it doesn’t matter. And this results in frustrated users, unsatisfied customers and failed projects.

 Well, if you want your apps to work for your business gets more and more hits and downloads, you must conceive with the importance of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design.

User Interface design is the part of the app that faces the user, whereas User Experience is how user feel when using the app. It is essential to follow effective user experience design into the app development process to engage the end user and raise the chances of transactional response.

Your app is important, it should look good. Too often we see poorly designed apps for iPhone, Android, Windows that have been created by a programmer or inexperienced person.  So, if you want your app to be effective in generating sales or leads, you must begin your project with an understanding of user psychology and behavior.  Every design decision should focus on delivering a memorable user experience in order to increase conversion performance.

Always remember, designing an app is as important as development and this is a specialist role that must be done by a designer. Every app is designed to fulfill key business objectives- generating revenues, increase productivity, enhancing brand identity and engaging users. By developing a polished User Interface and fluid User Experience design within the app development process; your product will ultimately help to fulfill wider business objectives and commercial goals.

 Posted By: Pooja Runija