Pakistan Government Can Lift YouTube Ban But The Condition Is!

13 Dec
you tubeISLAMABAD, Dec 10: A new pact with the management of Google/YouTube has lightened the possibility of YouTube being unblocked in Pakistan.

Risks of re-opening YouTube in Pakistan has lightened since Google/YouTube authorities and Pakistani government are defining an agreement as a consequence of which Google may establish a localized form of YouTube in Pakistan like, consistent with Dawn.

It should be remembered that, the world’s largest videos sharing website was blocked in the country in September 17, 2012 on the request of then Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. The ban was effective after YouTube declined to notice to Pakistan government ask for to remove ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ from the website, a film that was recognized impious and started savagery in numerous Muslim nations across the world. The government has been attempting to block particular videos yet has been unable to do so work now. Pakistan Government had succeeded in convincing the Google management about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.

“Management of Google/YouTube has shown its readiness to localize YouTube in Pakistan with clearly explaining that they won’t be responsible if profane content is put and uploaded on its website,” the minister said.

By demonstrating the technicalities the Minister of State for Information Technology, Anusha Rehman said “The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is concluding a draft mandate which will be transformed by the minister for institution as law”. She than pointed that once YouTube was localized, blocking offensive content might be easier. Anyhow blocking thousands of links was likewise not a solution. It can take Google five seconds to place certain blocked content from one IP to another one and instead of installing expensive filtration systems, Google can easily block impious content on the request of the Pakistan government. Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have also arrived at a similar arrangement with Google.

Localizing YouTube might also mean that Google would not be violating its organization law of blocking flexibility of representation, the minister argued. This was likewise an appeal from the management of Google to the government of Pakistan.  However, still couldn’t give an exact date for the re-opening of YouTube.

Posted By: Pooja Runija


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